We at The Blunt Truth keep an eye on the news surrounding legalized marijuana, and each week, we’ll share with you three articles that we think are worth reading.  No in-depth analysis here; just a few items to keep you informed on the latest developments in this area.

We try to choose articles that are free to access for all; if something requires a subscription, we’ll indicate that.

Legal marijuana is finally doing what the drug war couldn’t (free account required)
Washington Post: National (3 Mar 2016)

Black markets can’t evade the basic laws of economics.  Includes a link to the latest data from the U.S. Border Patrol on marijuana seizures.

Banned by Facebook, Cannabis Companies Turn to Pot-Friendly Social Media
Fortune: Fortune (2 Mar 2016)

Brand awareness is where it’s killing everyone.”  Unable to advertise on sites like Facebook and Instagram, companies in the marijuana industry are moving to other sites to connect with potential customers.

U.S. group prepares Ohio ballot push for medical marijuana
Reuters UK,Reuters UK: Health and drugs,Health & Drugs (1 Mar 2016)

CLEVELAND (Reuters) – Proponents announced plans on Tuesday for an Ohio ballot initiative that would legalize medical marijuana one year after a push for recreational versions of the drug was shot down by the state’s voters.

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