SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb 8 (Reuters) – The prospect of Senator Jeff Sessions as U.S. attorney general has cast uncertainty over the country’s nascent legalized marijuana industry, souring deals and disrupting share prices since the longtime critic of the drug was nominated.

The states may be pushing forward with more legalization of marijuana, but Washington may be stepping back as anti-marijuana leaders Sessions and Price take office.

Cannabis businesses in Colorado now have guidance on how to create and maintain a safe workplace. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has issued an 80-page report intended to help marijuana businesses identify health and safety hazards that could exist in their workplaces and “provide a starting point for the assessment and evaluation of occupational health hazards.”

The Green Solution, a large retail marijuana chain in Colorado, wanted a foothold in Canada’s expected recreational cannabis market. OrganiGram, among the growing number of federally licensed Canadian growers, needed know-how and a name.

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