Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what’s happening in the world of legalized marijuana.

First, a point of personal pride.  The Blunt Truth started in February 2016, with the slightly crazy idea that a BigLaw firm could talk about marijuana on a regular basis.  As of this week, we’ve reached our 300th post.  Thanks to all of you loyal readers, and rest assured, we’re good for another 300!

We predicted last week that Illinois would be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana.  We were right.  As of this posting, the governor still needs to sign the legislation, but since he’s indicated his support, we’ll go ahead and call it.

Other big news this week included the Food and Drug Administration’s first-ever hearing on CBD.  There was no shortage of speakers, from all walks of life, and those in favor of regulating the industry stressed the need for quick action.  Among those waiting for the agency’s guidance: Ben & Jerry’s.

The latest piece of cannabis banking (cannabanking?) news is that protections for banks serving the legal marijuana industry have made their way into a Congressional spending bill.   Stay tuned for more on this, as it’s a long way from enacted.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has decided to weigh in on the scheduling of cannabis.  It is holding a case challenging the prohibition of marijuana in abeyance, rather than affirming the lower court’s dismissal.  This is so that the court can take action against the DEA, which has (in the court’s opinion) a “history of dilatory proceedings,” should the agency fail to change the legal status of cannabis in a reasonable period of time.

In our continuing series, “Where Do the Candidates Stand on Marijuana”? today’s installment concerns Kirsten Gillibrand.  She has a plan to legalize cannabis if elected.

See you next week!